Australia has a world-class film and television industry and you’re closer to it than you think. Around 900,000 Australians owe their jobs – directly or indirectly – to creative industries. Tens of thousands of Australian small businesses – from dry cleaners to caterers, who proudly quote the movie business as one of their clients – support film and television production.

Last year alone, film and television industries in Australia contributed over $5 billion to the Australian economy and generated around 49,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

When you purchase legitimate content you help support a thriving movie and television industry, which means more jobs, a stronger economy, and a greater array of entertainment choices for everyone.

Filmed entertainment takes enormous amounts of time, investment, and effort to make – and in the age of the internet, no time at all to steal. The My Story My Content Short Film Competition is your opportunity to tell a unique story about YOU, your creativity and why it is worth protecting.

About My Story My Content

The My Story My Content Short Film Competition is an initiative of IP Awareness and Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM). It provides primary and secondary school students with the opportunity to make a 60-second short film or animation celebrating local screen creativity, and win fantastic prizes in the process.

My Story My Content calls for aspiring student filmmakers to focus on the value of creativity and the need to respect the work of creators and filmmakers in Australia and New Zealand.

First-place prizes include $1000 in cash. Other prizes include DVDs and Blu-ray packs, movie tickets and more.

Plus, your film could screen on TV!

About IP Awareness

IP Awareness is a not-for-profit industry initiative that promotes the value of creativity by raising awareness, understanding, and appreciation of copyright and the impact of piracy on the film and television industries.

It does this through research, consumer awareness campaigns and curriculum-linked educational resources for Australian primary and secondary schools.

For more information, visit www.ipawareness.com.au.

About ATOM

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) is an independent, not-for-profit, professional association that has been promoting the study of media and screen literacy for nearly fifty years. The membership of ATOM includes teachers and lecturers from across all subject disciplines at all levels of education.

The membership also includes media industry personnel, a range of media and education organisations and, increasingly, the general public interested in the media.

For more information, visit www.metromagazine.com.au.